Monday, July 2, 2012

Scratch and Rumble Filter 2

The purpose of this filter is to undermine the very low frequency noise and very high. Because the cues in the stride frequency is generally large amounts of harm than good to the overall sound cues. Another consideration of this circuit is to mamandangnya sabagai pass filter is very wide path for the line that contains the most important part of the sound spectrum. The layout is so simple as it consists of two pieces of filter rows, a pass-over was followed by a pass down. Each filter comprises a pair of second-order filter stage stratified (cascade), to obtain the characteristics of a steep 24 dB / octave. Frequency of 11.8 Hz and the stopper is in 10.7 KHz with the components shown here. Adequacy of this point depends on the application and not too difficult to change it. Blockage of 11.8 Hz can be shifted up by reducing the value of the capacitor C1, ... C4, or can be facilitated by increasing its capacity.  This Capacitors  must all be of equal value. Pass filter frequency of the plugs can also be modified to change the value of resistor R5 .... R8. Like the capasitors, the fourth resistor should be worth it all together. This value can be reduced to increase the frequency of stoppers or enlarged to lower frequencies. Op-amp low noise dipergunaken merupaken type and there are two in each of the IC packaging. Therefore we need two ICs for each channel. Canals discharging currents around 20 mA each.

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