Monday, August 15, 2011

Car/Bike USB Charger

Looking for a USB charger that can effectively operate from a 12V car battery? This device operates at 89% efficiency and can charge USB devices at currents up to 525mA. Best of all, it will not face battery when it is permanently connected, as long as you remember to unplug the USB device. There are lots of USB chargers on the market, but this unit has two stand-out features: high efficiency and low consumption in standby mode. In fact, his only 160μA standby current, a figure that is well below the self-discharge of most lead-acid batteries. This means you can leave the unit permanently connected, and it will not cause the battery to go flat (or at least not much faster than it would by itself).

While this may seem a very specific application, there are many other uses for low quiescent current 5V DC 12V DC. For example, remote monitoring stations often operate with a 12V SLA complemented by a solar panel. These stations are invariably a microcontroller and other circuits, which needs a supply of 3.3 V and 5V. Energy consumption in these devices is low most of the time, but sometimes the microcontroller wakes up and turn on a radio module and other circuits, which can draw more current. This charger can provide power - up to 500 mA - while being stingy with the battery when the battery is low. In addition, because of its effectiveness is high (89%), almost no battery is spent, even when the load is drawing 500mA.

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Guria Qazi said...

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