Wednesday, January 25, 2012

170W Class D Audio Amplifier Solution


The IC collaboration of the LM4651 car proprietor and the LM4652 power MOSFET provides a top excellent, Classification D striper presenter company choice.

The LM4651 is a absolutely included conventional beat broader modulator car proprietor IC. The IC contains short world, under present, over modulation, and warm turn down protection develop. The LM4651also contains a life operate which comes to an end down the beat broader modulation decreasing supply present. The LM4652 is a absolutely included H-bridge power MOSFET IC in a TO-220 power bundle. The LM4652 has a warm variety sign designed in to inform the LM4651 when the die warm variety of the LM4652 is greater than the persistence. Together, these two IC's form a simple, stream-lined greater power music company choice complete with protection normally seen only in Classification AB amplifiers. Few outside components and little information between the IC's keep the PCB area small and helps in EMI control.

The near rail-to-rail switching company significantly helps the efficiency when in assessment to Classification AB amplifiers. This top excellent choice significantly decreases the warm damage size when in assessment to a Classification AB IC of the same power. This two-chip choice is the best possible for controlled sub sandwiches and self controlled music system. 

  • Conventional pulse width modulation.
  • Externally controllable switching frequency.
  • 50kHz to 200kHz switching frequency range.
  • Integrated error amp and feedback amp.
  • Turn−on soft start and under voltage lockout.
  • Over modulation protection (soft clipping).
  • Externally controllable output current limiting and thermal shutdown protection.
  • Self checking protection diagnostic.

  • Output power into 4Ω with < 10% THD.
    170W (Typ)
    THD at 10W, 4Ω, 10 − 500Hz.
    < 0.3% THD (Typ)
    Maximum efficiency at 125W
    85% (Typ)
    Standby attenuation.
    >100dB (Min)