Saturday, July 14, 2012

35w Push Pull Amplifier

Power Take is designed using a tube company configurations and finally prepared push-pull. Pipe Power Firm 35W Power Take til uses EL-34 tube joints as the company end. In the power company is designed ​​with a tube at a look it looks simple because of the use of efficient components that are not complex. It should be described that the use of tube joints in this company needs a artist offer, and therefore in the process of developing and finishing have to be careful of artist and light. Particular series 35W Pipe Power Take Power Firm can be seen in the following figure out.

    Part List :

  * R1=470K 0,5W
  * R2-5= 2K2 0.5W
  * R3=150K 0.5W
  * R4= 220K 0.5W
  * R6-10= 56K 0.5W
  * R7=3.9K 0.5W
  * R8= 220R 0.5W
  * R9= 1M 0.5W
  * R11= 39K 1W
  * R12-23= 180K 0.5W
  * R13-21=820K 0.5W
  * R14-22=5K6 0.5W
  * R15-20= 680K 0.5W
  * R16-19=100K 0.5W
  * R17-18=3K3 1W
  * R24=470R 2W
  * TR1-2=470R 1W Variable (adj. 270Ω)
  * C1-3-6-7=0.1uf 630V
  * C2=220pF 600v
  * C4-5=16uF 550V
  * C8-9=0.1uF 630V
  * C10-14=0.47uF 630V
  * C11-13=25uF 40V
  * V1=E80CC
  * V2=E80CC
  * V3-4=EL34
  * Rectifier tube= Z2C
  * T1=Audio Transformer for 2x EL34 Push Pull

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