Monday, July 2, 2012

40W HiFi Amplifier

Circuit Off 40 W Amplifier

Amplifier described here are intended for usage view ralatif output power requirements are. Output stage consists of two types of power transistors 2N3055, guarantees reliable components. At first glance it appears that Level of output is not symmetric because the T15 and T16 tansistor is of NPN type, but a second glance will show that in fact half the top NPN transistor consists of super T11, T13, T55, while the bottom half consists of super PNP transistors T12, T14, T16. 

Power Output is 40 watts at 8 Ohms or 60 watts at 4 Ohms with Distortion no more than 0.01% .Along the stride frequency of 20 Hz ... 20 KHz. Maximum power at the output signal from a severed is 45 watts at 8 Ohm and 4 Ohm 65watt on. Sensitivity put it is 800 (850) mVeff to 40 (45) watts at 8 Ohms and 700 (725) mVeff to 60 (65) watts at 4 Ohm. Karaktearistik frequency is in the 1 dB from 15 Hz to about 100 KHz. 
Due to the high current gain (not less than 200 000 x), then the output stage has a low quiescent current (though not critical) that is 25 ... 50 mA. Even with P1 set to minimum resistance of the spectrum analyzer is connected at opposite prototypes we showed that very small defects. Quiescent current is set by P1, with universal multi tester (stride-mV DC) is connected between the emitter and collector TI5 T16.So the flanking strands connected resistor R25 series ... R3O. A voltage of 33 mV occurs at 50 mA current, is provided by the PCB for this project, but it can be built using the PCB holes. It is advisable to arrange Lay out the components as possible congruent with the circuit diagram. Heat sink 1.5 ... 20 ° C / w is required for T15 and TI6, do not forget mikanya coatings ....

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