Wednesday, July 4, 2012

LM4652 Class D Amplifier

The mixture of the LM4651 car owner IC and the LM4652 energy MOSFET Category D energy firm IC provides a top excellent firm remedy, appropriate for self-powered sound speakers, subs and excellent car enhancers. The LM 4651 is a completely incorporated traditional beat size modulator (PWM) car owner, containing undervoltage, short routine, overmodulation, and heat shut down security build. The IC features a stand by operate which ends down the beat size modulation, reducing provide current.

The LM 4652 is a completely incorporated H-bridge Power Mosfet IC in a TO220 energy program. The IC has a built in heat range indicator to aware the LM4651 when the die heat range surpasses the tolerance restrict. Used together, the LM4651 and LM4652 form a simple, lightweight, effective, top excellent energy sound firm remedy finish with security, normally seen only in Category AB amps.

The highest possible performance of this routine is 85% at 125W with a stand by attenuation greater than 100dB. The THD at 10W, 4 ohms, 10 - 500Hz is max. 0.3%. The provide current can not surpass ± 22V.

For the best performance a appropriate preamplifier is required. With the addition of a preamplifier the obtain of the energy level can be reduced to improve performance. The obtain should be set to 10 V/V enabling for low obtain on the Category D level with a total system obtain great enough to be a finish remedy for line level resources.

The feedback narrow used here does not clearly increase THD performance but will help to maintain a flat regularity reaction as the Q of the outcome narrow changes with fill impedance.

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