Sunday, July 29, 2012

Bridge 100 W Amplifier

The center of this link operate firm routine is the TDA7294 incorporated routine which is actually a energy functional firm with a pre-amplifier routine, heat range management and outcome brief routine security. Moreover the IC is outfitted with individual reviews Mime (Mute output) and the STBY or Stand-By (Disconnect the energy amplifier). Each IC increases half-cycle indication reviews and provides outcome 50W each.

This 100W link firm routine must be operated with + /-25V and 4A. Where to stereo program devices demanding present should be 8A. Fill (speaker) must be 8 ohms. With these values​​, the routine will provide 100W with a complete frame distortions of less than 0.1% frame distortions or 150W with a complete of about 10%. Because of this reviews to the presenter settings to link the two devices (positive and negative), the adverse terminal should not be relocated to the floor as in other amps. Doing so will cause a brief routine at the outcome of the processor and harm it by initiating safety if not changed soon enough.

For energy can be use traditional transformer or a changing energy, in the latter situation the resource must be of top excellent and strained. But if bodyweight is not a issue we suggest using a excellent old transformer with rectifier and electrolytic and clay capacitors.

The producer of this IC (SGS-Thompson) should stimulate the mute operate before using Stand-By. This IC produces 1.3 levels Celsius per w of energy. That is why we have to put on an sufficient warm mess up to avoid program get too hot and cause overtemperature shut down.

Although the maker statements that this is a built-in 100v / 100w should be recalled that this requirements is officially and in theory. In exercise, the incorporated routine can provide energy over a 50w 8 ohm load at a present of 50V for beginning which uses about 2 amperes and produces warm.

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