Thursday, July 12, 2012

Portable Headphone Amplifier

Here I present a very simple and impressive headset company Schedule using NE5534/2 . Moreover to the IC NE5534/2, the routine uses only few non-active components and can easily generate a lot of sound from even the most worthless headphones and there will be no deal for the fantastic.

The 5534/2 is a low-distortion, low-noise program, having also the automobile capabilities low-impedance a lot to a finish present shift while maintaining low shape disturbances. Furthermore, it is absolutely result short-circuit proof. Therefore, this routine was used with just one 5532 brand creating a number of songs, inverting amplifiers, having an ac acquire of about 3.5 and able to provide up to 3.6V peak-to-peak into a 32 Ohm finish (corresponding to 50mW RMS) at less than 0.025% complete harmonic shape disturbances (1kHz & 10kHz).


Parts List :
P1 = 22K
R1 = 18K
R2 = 68K
R3 = 68K
R4 = 68K
R5 = 18K
R6 = 68K
C1 = 4.7uF/25v
C2 = 4.7uF/25v
C3 = 22pF
C4 = 220uF/25v
C5 = 220uF/25v
C6 = 4.7uF/25v
C7 = 22pF
C8 = 220uF/25v
J1 = 3.5mm Stereo Jack
B1 = 9V Alkaline Battery
IC1 = NE5532 or NE5534
SW1 = SPST Toggle Switch

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