Friday, August 19, 2011

Sony UWPV1/30320 Ch 30/33 UWP-C1 Wireless Package

Improvements include the system of all-metal body, which is robust and the transmitter, which has an input that is switchable microphone or line. In addition, this package is the synthesis control function that is included in the system PLL, the reception, which is a different space, and all the other features that were found in the UWP-C, in order to make a product so popular.

All the signals are coming in and the potential for radio interference is minimized and only the strongest signal thus selected. This is because this system is a very cool feature that allows the receiver (which can also be installed on the camera), the state of biodiversity, which stabilizes the reception. The device also provides a great clarity in the sound because of its versatility.

This system is equipped with antennas that are designed to pivot around which strengthens a result of the reception. There is also the provision of a mini-jack output for stereo is also integrated with a monitor to control the volume. Mini-stereo cables and XLR are included. All information about the channel and the frequency, the RF input level, time of operation, the battery and the state of the audio output is displayed on a LCD. The receiver and the body depending on the UHF frequencies are 188 in number and function normally no more than 8 hours. The batteries used for the operation of two alkaline AA-size batteries

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