Sunday, August 14, 2011

Project DS1802 Digital Potentiometer

DS1802 is a dual beam audio potentiometer Manufactured by Dallas Semiconductor. DS1802 digital potentiometer can be used to replace standard mechanical potentiometer resistance.

Each potentiometer provides 65 wiper positions with increased increments of 1 dB and the device

mute. DS1802 digital potentiometer has two methods for controlling the device: push buttons and a serial interface 3 son controls the position of the wiper.

Using the push button control input is not necessary for a processor to work while using 3-son serial interface requires using a processor and allows the user to read or write precise positions towel two potentiometers.

Using a DS1802 with the push of a button can be configured to operate independently or "stereo" mode. Operation mode allows independent control of each independent potentiometer wiper during operation in stereo mode provides a control position in one of the potentiometer sliding tackle both.

This digitally controlled potentiometer circuit DS1802 provides only the volume, volume control and mute the audio signal.

The MAX4167 operational amplifiers connected to each output channel is needed in this circuit because the DS1802 wiper is a relatively high (output) resistance and without buffering, the DS1802 will operate 1mA load. If the load is capacitive, the output resistance fail to filter high-high frequencies.

This DS1802 circuit schematic is necessary to use the DC power output between 3 and 5 volts (2.7 to 5.5 at the maximum acceptable).


digital potentiometer said...

The DS1802 provides high-performance audio volume and tone control in most applications where mechanical potentiometers are used, including CD players, guitar amplifiers, and sound boards.

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What i like in this DS1802 digital potentiometer is that it provides two methods of controlling the device, it has a push button and the serial interface 3 by this we have a choice to prefer were are we comfortable to use.
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