Sunday, August 21, 2011

Audio Processor

This chip audio processor features SSM2045 IC is specially developed for applications in electronic music, and 741 IC OPAMP. The circuit is configured to low pass filter with gain control voltage. The input signal is set to work through the resistance level of 150mVpp R1.

The filter has two buffered outputs: the output at pin 2 to pins 1 and 4 output pins to pin 8th Internally, the outputs are connected to two voltage controlled amplifiers (VCA).

The R15 and R16 are connected to these outputs to achieve optimum shift control and elimination of tension.

P4 is the volume control. The current flowing to pin 15 and 16 should not go beyond the maximum of 250 uA. The remaining two OCV and the entire filter is controlled as a voltage range -250 mV to + 250 mV to pin 14th

This tension can be adjusted P2.

Input can be done by up to 200 Ω source impedance. When the input level of 0 dBm, the VAC decreases by 6 dB. Bias current required to pin 17 is between 120 and 185 uA uA. The cutoff frequency can be shifted from 20 Hz to 20 kHz with a connector 5 This variable can vary through the P1. Capacitance values ​​were chosen to give a Butterworth filter of its properties.

IC SSM2045 output power supply voltage 741 converted to AMP. All sybsequent DC is disconnected from the circuit IC2.
Noise voltage is about 80 dB

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