Sunday, August 14, 2011

Audio Distribution with TL064

This project audio distribution in electronic circuits can be designed or TL06 TL064 operational amplifiers, and other common electronic components.

TL06 is made by Texas Instruments and a power amplifier running low. TL06 is a low power version of the TL08 series amplifiers operating.

The circuit is shown in this diagram is based on a TL06 (TL064 can be used) and is very useful in the distribution of the signal.

The main features TL06 are: very low power consumption, typical current consumption of 200 mA, wide common mode and differential voltage range Low input bias and offset currents, common mode input voltage range, output short circuit, high input impedance, internal frequency compensation, latchup-free, high slew rate.

With this scheme, you can distribute the audio signal from a signal source.

This pattern of electronic circuit project does not need multiple components and it is very easy to make, requiring a dual supply 15 volts.

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