Monday, August 22, 2011


SigmaDSP ® digital audio processors allow the use of a fully programmable audio DSP that can be easily configured through the graphical development tool SigmaStudio ™. Latest SigmaDSP SigmaDSP products against the car audio and portable our best performance and power aware processors. The SigmaDSP ADAU1442, ADAU1445 and ADAU1446 combine a core of 172 MHz with an array of routing, including sample rate converters asynchronous and S / PDIF Rx / Tx. Routing matrix allows the connection of various digital sources operating at different sample rates to easily connect the audio processor.

The first low SigmaDSPs, ADAU1761 and ADAU1781, contains the same powerful SigmaDSP elsewhere, and is connected to a stereo ADC and DAC SNR performance to more than 100 dB. AD1940 and AD1941 role in the computing power of high I / O channel count. ADAU1701 and ADAU1702 include a complete analog I / O, Digital I / O and function of stand-alone system that offers full sound processing on a single chip. ADAU1401A ADAU1701 with similar functions, but is designed specifically for the automotive industry, as well as set a wide range of temperature.

The software tool Sigma graphical development studio, programming, development and optimization SigmaDSP audio processors. Familiar audio processing blocks can be interconnected in a pattern, and the compiler generates code DSP-ready and a control group of the surface for setting parameters and tuning. This tool allows DSP engineers with no experience writing code for easy implementation in a DSP design, but still strong enough to meet the demands of experienced designers DSP. sigma relations studio with two boards Analog Devices evaluation and design to provide complete production circuit in real-time control IC.

With flow charts DSP Development of the signal, including sigma studio includes more features to accelerate the design cycle of concept release product. Sigma Studio provides tools for intuitive mode control registers, the calculation of tables of filter coefficients, to visualize the size of the filter and phase responses, generates C header files, and sequencing of a series of controls to ease your transition from studio to sigma deployment of the system on your microcontroller.

Evaluation kits, including evaluation boards and tools are now available SigmaStudio full for all products SigmaDSP. Check the SigmaDSP FAQ for any questions you may have. If you answer no, please direct your request to or accessing the Forum SigmaDSP SigmaDSP EngineerZone.

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