Thursday, March 1, 2012

Power Amp TDA 7293-dmos

PCB. Layout
PCB Layout (Component Side)

Schematic Diagram

Functions of the incorporated routine TDA7293
  •     Very higher managing current range(±50v)
  •     Dmos strength stage
  •     High result strength (100w @ thd =10%, rl = 8Ω, vs = ±40v)
  •     Muting/stand-by functions
  •     No move on/off noise
  •     Very low distortion
  •     Very low noise
  •     Shorter routine secured (with no in-put indication applied)
  •     Heat shutdown
  •     Video detector
  •     Modularity (more gadgets can be quickly linked in just like generate very low impedances)

The system is offered with both stand-by and silence features, separately pushed by two CMOS sense appropriate feedback hooks.
The tour devoted to the transferring on and off of the firm have been properly enhanced to prevent any type of out of hand sensible temporary at the result.
The series that we suggest during the ON/OFF transients.
The program of determine 5 reveals the opportunity of using only one control for both st-by and silence features. On both the hooks, the highest possible appropriate variety goes along to the managing provide current.
A little strike routine sound firm IC TDA7293

The construction is just like TDA7294, but this IC allows use resources with greater principles ​​and thus has an increased result strength can arrive at to 100 H.

To install the routine we have the recommendation of the pcb with PDF information, and information. SCh and. BRD if you need to modify this structure in Cadsoft Eagle. The red range proven in the pulling of the structure is to make the relationship using a item of cable (jumper).

Component List :
Resistors 1/8 Watt 5%
R1, R2     22K – Red, Red, Orange, Gold
R3     680 – Blue, Gray, Brown, Gold
R4     27K – Red, Violet, Orange, Gold
R5     100K – Brown, Black, Yellow, Gold
R6     33K – Orange, Orange, Orange, Gold
C1, C8     1000µF/63 Volts – Polarized electrolytic capacitor
C2,C9     100nF/250 Volts – Metalized polyester film capacitor
C3     1µF/250Volts – Metalized polyester film capacitor
C4, C7     22µF / 63 Volts – Polarized electrolytic capacitor
C5, C6     10µF/35 Volts – Polarized electrolytic capacitor
IC1     TDA7293 – Dmos Integrated circuit audio amplifier
D1     1N4148 – Silicon diode
IN     Audio input connector
OUT     Audio output connector
M/ST     Connector for connecting a mute/standby key
PW     Power supply connector
Solder, wire, printed circuit board, box, connectors, etc..

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