Wednesday, March 7, 2012

LM12 150W Simple high power amplifier

Using LM12 energy functional firm made by Nationwide Semiconductor can be built audio energy firm that can charge a highest possible energy of 150 h.
Maximum permitted heat range of the result transistors is assessed for energy limiter control routine which is part of the energetic security protection. Strength result level is not linked with that pin until the current does not surpass 14 V (± 7 V). When the nick heat range goes up above 150 ° C, result is instantly turned off.
Circuit plans indicates the use of two diodes in incorporated result that are designed to prevent the result current trip surpass the supply current when the result level is incorporated inside the contretemps and bypass the result fill is mainly inductive.

Max Out : 150W  (4Ohms) / 200W (2Ohms)
Distortion : 0.05% (4Ohms) / 0.1% (2Ohms)
Idle current : 65 - 100 mA

L1 coil has 40 turns of enamelled copper wire 1 mm in diameter, wound on the resistance R4. It mainly uses the correct operation of the amplifier with capacitive loads reaction, such as speaker separation filters.
If using a LM12CL is advisable to use a toroidal transformer which provides in secondary 2 x 22 V (in which case the power of 150 W can be obtained only on a 2 ohm load).
Integrative be screwed on to a large thermal radiator, which should be very well insulated electrically.

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