Tuesday, March 20, 2012

How to Read the Resistor Color Codes

Like Diode and Capasitor, Resistor is a pasive component of the electronik circuit such as in audio circuit, television and many.

Resistors "resist" the flow of electrical current. The higher the value of resistance (measured in ohms) the lower the current will be.

Resistor have color band for the value of resitance. To read color band of  the resistor, for example 10K ohm resistor with a 5% tolerance, start at the opposite side of the GOLD tolerance band and read from left to right. Write down the corresponding number from the color chart below for the 1st color band (BROWN). To the right of that number, write the corresponding number for the 2nd band (BLACK) . Now multiply that number (you should have 10) by the corresponding multiplier number of the 3rd band (ORANGE)(1000). Your answer will be 10000 or 10K. It's that easy isn't it?

If a resistor has 5 color bands, write the corresponding number of the 3rd band to the right of the 2nd before you multiply by the corresponding number of the multiplier band. If you only have 4 color bands that include a tolerance band, ignore this column and go straight to the multiplier.

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