Wednesday, July 20, 2011

How To Fix No Audio Error on The PS3

You have no audio error PS3? Looking for a way to get rid of this problem so you can finally play games again with the audio? In order to successfully repair the PS3 no audio problem, you have to try a couple of methods. In total, I have two options for you and advice from 4 to solve this problem. So let's start with the first 4 tips, of course: ... 1) Try to take care unit with HDD (hard disk) and put it back on your Playstation 3 with care. 2) Restart the console. 3) Carefully plug all cables except the power cord. Once done, put them back in. 4) Check for loose cables and restart the console. If these four tips do not work, then there is a hardware issue going on ... In order to troubleshoot hardware, you have to open the console and repair the problem from within. To do this, you can only do 2 things. Fix Errors ps3 Sony Audio One thing you can do is to be send your console to Sony troubleshooting. However, note that if the guarantee is invalid, you will pay $ 150. In addition, you must wait 2-6 weeks before the whole process of shipping, handling and repair has been completed. Therefore, do not really recommend going for this option even though many people are doing this, we are definitely losing a lot of money and time. Repair PS3 no audio problem on your own While many people are saying that this is not possible unless you have expertise, this option is perfectly possible to do. Therefore, as this option is exercisable, will not have to pay $ 150 and you will not have to wait several weeks, which is impressive. However, in order to successfully repair your Playstation 3 itself, it is necessary to know what to do. Therefore it is highly recommended that you start using a PS3 repair guide. In this way, you step by step to make a readable guide that comes along with the photo, but also get high-definition video and support staff along with current guidance. Why not take a look at the best guides for the repair? Visit: PS3 Repair GuideTherefore, in order to repair the PS3 no audio error, you can do two things. You send your console to Sony, which costs $ 150 for shipping, handling and repair. It also takes 2-6 weeks before the process is complete. Or you can use a PS3 repair guide which makes you able to fix your problem without audio on ps3 without losing too much money and time. Want to start fixing your PS3 Games audio problems? Today? Visit: Playstation 3 without audio

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