Monday, July 25, 2011

Home Theater Sound With JBL SYNTHESIS

For more 60 years, HARMAN brands have set the benchmark for premium entertainment on tour, on the stage and in the home. We delight some 25 million drivers in the car, support the worlds top performing artists, and indulge the passion of home audiophiles from every generation.

Now, home theatre enthusiasts can take their listening experience to a whole new level with our JBL SYNTHESIS sound system. Designed to envelope every audience member in sonic purity, these systems deliver the absolute peak of sound reproduction. Whether youre enjoying a first-run movie or a premier sporting event, we can offer you a front-row seat that truly puts you inside the action and get delightsome hifi sound.
JBL SYNTHESIS systems are the suitable complement for todays high-definition content and gained large-screen displays. Our surround processors, digital equalizers and premium cabling deliver the faithful reproduction that you expect from todays advanced media. Add to this a range of amplifiers rated at up to 800 watts and legendary JBL speakers that blend high performance and stunning style. The result : Every refinement of the listening experience comes through with the crystal clarity and room-shaking excitement that you expect from HARMAN.

For the ultimate illustration of audio perfection, consider the latest Project Everest system. Three Project Everest DD66000 speakers sit in front of you, eight SK2-1000 surround speakers and four 18-inch S1S-EX subwoofers round out the room, powered by no fewer than eleven S820 amplifiers. These come together to make the most realistic and inspiring system JBL Synthesis has ever projected. 

It is little wonder that HARMAN is the only company to earn two prestigious GRAMMY Technical Awards for our decades of contribution to the science of audio. Our qualified channel partners can help you pick an award winning system that brings this bequest into your home. But dont just take our word for it. Hearing is trusting.

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