Monday, July 25, 2011

Home Movie Theater For Your Child's

There was a time when it was popular and affordable to take your son and all his friends to a group activity such as bowling, roller skating, or movies for her birthday party. As children grow, these activities are fun and more "mature" alternative to a birthday party at home that are used in the years they were younger, where the family gifts, birthday cake, food from best chef and pin the tail on the donkey, enough for them. Now they want a place where friends can mix and entertaining, with more than a few games.

Unfortunately, with a group of kids to the movies or bowling can be expensive. For example, in bowling you have to pay to play, to rent shoes, and for a meal and refreshments. In the cinema, tickets and popcorn and refreshments for all, you have nothing to buy his son a gift.

A middle ground is a fun film festival at home, where children can watch a movie on satellite TV. This will save much money, and there are some things you can do to make sure that everyone will have a good time.

1. Send invitations with a movie theme for all excited. You can find invitations in your local store or even online fixed. Have your child help you fill them with the details of the celebration of his birthday.

2. Have your child pick out a movie before your guests arrive. With satellite TV, which has a variety of movie channels to choose from, as well as video on demand. If it's a sports movie, action films or comedy, make sure it is appropriate for the age group.

3. Stock up on accessories and everything that will make your guests feel like they're in a movie theater.

a. Create movie tickets can be delivered to each customer as they arrive. You can be creative and write your child's name, date, how old they are turning, and the film will be shown.
b. Rent a popcorn machine for it to serve customers bags of popcorn with butter, just like they do in the theater.
c. Get your hands on the movie posters, or print from your computer, and hang around the house, especially in the room where you see the movie.
d. Arrange the chairs and sofas in rows as if in a movie theater. Turn the lights down for the movie to get the full effect of being in a theater.
e. Make the bags with candy theater movement and bags of microwave popcorn to give to children in its output. Children can enjoy these delights next time you watch a movie at home on your own satellite TV.

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