Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Conventional MC-MM Pre Amplifier

The circuit is (more or less) conventional, with a common emitter stage constant current source modulation. When the series is a mirror that is reproduced for both positive and negative supply voltage. Net output voltage again a low DC offset, but may be slightly higher than previous models, because of the lack of power to 0V DC bias to obtain a correct output.

Benefit from a 2.2k resistor from the collector of the output device (parallel, 1.1k) and a 15 ohm resistor (MC or moving coil position) optionally controlled in series with a 150 ohm (MM Moving Magnet or position).

This results in a theoretical advantage 74 (37dB) in the MC position or 7.6 (17.6 dB) for the MM setting. In practice, one can expect very little profit to be less than these figures, especially for MC setting.

I can not comment on the relative noise performance of both pre-amp, but because they are both on a design by renowned audio designer, I would hope that the noise either be a problem with the circuit.

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