Friday, February 24, 2012

Wireless Digital Audio Streaming

2.4 GHz sound ICs that change uncompressed CD-quality wifi sound over a organization RF (radio frequency) website weblink, with mistake-free, lossless indication. The alternatives targeted customer, mobile and high-end sound applications, such as wifi headphones, headphones and sound audio audio speakers.
CC85xx key benefits:
  1.     Uncompressed CD-quality wifi audio
  2.     Stone highly effective 16-bit 44.1/48kHz RF link
  3.     Multichannel and multipoint capabilities: managing of up to four many channels
  4.     USB support 

The CC8520 (two-channel) and CC8530 (four-channel) system-on-chips (SoC) are complete incorporated alternatives with RF method, microcontroller, sound codec build assistance, program styles and free PurePath Configurator PC program. In addition, the CC8521 and CC8531 SoCs contain USB sound assistance for all significant techniques.

TI’s PurePath Wifi wireless headset referrals style is the market’s most cost-effective style for top quality earphones and earphones. The style has a low automated bill-of-material price and defines a 22-hour life on a 465 mAh power supply – a 100 percent increase as when in comparison to currently available earphones.

The PurePath Wifi CC8521 and CC8531 USB dongle referrals style allow designers to style low-cost, small USB dongles for wireless sound programs, without value progression or in-depth comprehension of USB methods.

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