Monday, February 27, 2012

Pearl CH-02 Chorus

Semi Conductor  in this Circuit

CH-2 major routine board:

  •     IC1: JRC4558DD (dual functional amplifier)
  •     IC2: MN3207 (1024 level BBD)
  •     IC3: MN3102 (BBD driver)
  •     IC4: TL022CP (dual low-power general-purpose functional amplifier)
  •     Q1,Q2,Q3: 2SC2240GR (NPN rubber transistors)
  •     Q4,Q5: 2SC1815Y (NPN rubber transistors)
  •     D1: 1S1588 (switching diode)
  •     D2: UZ-5.1B (5.1V Zener diode)

SW-1 transferring board:

  •     IC1: MC14007UB (Three N-Channel and P-Channel contrasting couple and inverter)
  •     Q1,Q2: 2SC1815Y (NPN rubber transistors)
  •     D1,D2: 1S1588 (switching diodes)
  •     D3: Red LED
  •     D4: MA522 (Lambda diode)

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