Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sub Woofer Filter

The sound spectrum spans 20Iz very low frequencies and reaches the 20000Iz at high frequencies. At low frequencies is degraded in the sense of direction. This reason leads us to use the loudspeaker for the allocation of very low frequencies. Manufacture of you, we suggest to distinguish between these frequencies lead to the corresponding amplifier. Acoustic filters are located in various parts of sound systems. Baxandal knownest The application filters to control the frequencies of light tone and low and high acoustic filters, which divides the region into sub-areas, leading to the speakers. The application you propose is a simple filter in the region that limits the acoustic region (20-20000Hz) in the region of 20-100Hz.



Parts Layout

R1 = 39 Kohm
R2 = 39 Kohm
R3 = 47 Kohm
R4 = 10 Ohm
R5 = 22 Kohm
R6 = 4,7 Kohm
R7 = 22 Kohm
R8 = 4,7 Kohm
R9 = 10 Ohm
R10 = 220 Ohm
C1 = 39 pF
C2 = 0.1 uF
C3 = 0.1 uF
C4 = 0.2 uF
C5 = 0.4 uF
C6 = 0.1 uF
C7 = 0.1 uF
IC1 = TL062/TL072/TL082

With a production that aims to make an active filter, in order to bring a very low frequency speaker. This can put a speaker among the largest hi-fi speakers. To give you an overview of audio you also need the equivalent of an amplifier. The input circuit that is to connect the two outputs, and the preamplifier or the output line of some of the preamplifier. Production circuit afford to leave to lead a subwoofer to the power circuit. If for some reason you do not have space, so that you can enter the third speaker in the listening space, you can choose a smaller speaker. Power depends on the type of music you hear. If you have room, then when you make a permanent filter, and thanked, it may recommend to friends, or even do nothing, while your friends.

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