Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Audio Processor Circuit for Electronic Music Applications

This tour offers an audio processor IC SSM2045, specially designed for use in electronic music and the operational amplifier IC developed circuit 741 is configured as a low pass filter with a DC control voltage to win. The input signal is at a level of work set by the resistor R1 150mVpp.

How does the audio processor. The filter has two output buffers: output pin 2-1 pin and 4-pin 8-pin output. Internally, the outputs of two voltage-controlled amplifier (VCA) is connected.

R15 and R16 are connected to these outputs to obtain a change in the optimal control and eliminate tensions.

P4 is a volume control. Power to pin 15 and 16 shall not exceed a maximum of 250 uA. Balance between the two VCA, and the filter is either a full voltage range -250 mV + 250 mV in 14-pin control.

This tension can be adjusted P2.

Input can be controlled from up to 200 Ω source impedance. When the input level is 0 dBm, the VAC decreases by 6 dB. Bias current required to pin 17 is 120-185 Pa Pa. The cutoff frequency of 20 Hz to 20 kHz can be transferred to a variable voltage pin 5 This can be changed P1. Capacitance values ​​were chosen to spread the characteristics of the Butterworth filter.

The output current of the SSM2045 IC is converted into an output voltage of amplifier 741 All circuits must be disconnected from the DC sybsequent IC2. Voltage noise ration over 80 dB.

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