Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Stereo Synthesizer

This routine efforts to cheer up mono audio resources by replicating a music indication. It does this by changing certain wavelengths between left and right to deceive the ear. It can often generate a acceptable concept music audio to bring some level to otherwise flat sessions. Of course, there is no way to generate real music audio from a simply mono source unless the workstation had a way to tell which route the unique audio came from, but an impression is generally enough for all but the dedicated audiophile. 

 Parts List :

R1                       4.7K 1/4W
R2                      10K 1/4W    
R3                      12K 1/4W    
R4, R6                22K 1/4W    
R5                      11.K 1/4W    
R7                      16K 1/4W    
R8                      100K 1/4W   
R9                      24K 1/4W    
R10                    18K 1/4W    
C1                     0.1uF Ceramic Disc    
C2, C3    2        0.47uF Ceramic Disc    
C4, C5, C7       0.01uF Ceramic Disc    
C6                     0.013uF Ceramic Disc   
C8, C9              4.7uF 25V Electrolytic    
C10                  0.22uF Ceramic Disc   
C11                  47uF 25V Electrolytic    
C12                  100uF 25V Electrolytic    
D1                     LED   
IC1                    TBA3810 (442-794)   
S1                    SPDT Switch   
S2                    power  Switch

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