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150W MP3 Car Amplifier

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Three Band Active Tone Control

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Description :
LF353 Wide Bandwidth Dual JFET Input Operational Amplifier
General Description
These devices are low cost, high speed, dual JFET input operational amplifiers with an internally trimmed input offset voltage (BI-FET II technology). They require low supply current yet maintain a large gain band width product and fast slew rate. In addition, well matched high voltage JFET input devices provide very low input bias and offset currents. The LF353 is pin compatible with the standard LM1558 allowing designers to immediately upgrade e the overall performance of existing LM1558 and LM358 designs. These amplifiers may be used in applications such as high speed integrators, fast D/A converters, sample and hold circuits and many other circuits requiring low input offset voltage, low input bias current, high input impedance, high slew rate and wide bandwidth. The devices also exhibit low noise and offset voltage drift. (National Semiconductor)

Features :
Internally trimmed offset voltage: 10 mV
Low input bias current: 50pA
Low input noise voltage: 25 nV
Low input noise current: 0.01 pA
Wide gain bandwidth: 4 MHz
High slew rate: 13 V/us
Low supply current: 3.6 m
High input impedance: 1012.
Low total harmonic distortion : <>
Low 1/f noise corner: 50 Hz
Fast settling time to 0.01%: 2 us

Power Amplifier

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LA47536 Four-Channel 45 W BTL Car Audio Power Amplifier
The LA47536 is a 4-channel BTL power amplifier IC developed for use in car audio systems. The output stage features

- A pure complimentary structure that uses V-PNP transistors on the high side and NPN transistors on the low side to provide high power and superb audio quality.

- The LA47536 includes almost all the functions required for car audio use, including a standby switch, a muting function, and each protection circuit. It also provides a self-diagnosis function (output offset detection). (Sanyo)

Functional Description
1. Standby Switch Function (pin 4)
The pin 4 threshold voltage is set to be 2 VBE. When Vst is 2.0V or higher, the amplifier will be on, and when Vst, is 0.7V or lower, the amplifier will be off. Note that pin 4 requires an operating current of at least 40uA.

2. Muting Function
The IC is set to the muted state by setting pin 22 to the ground potential. In this state, the audio output is muted. The time constant with which the muting function operates is set by an external RC circuit, and this time constant influences the pop noise that occurs when the amplifier is turned on or off.
The muting on and off times due to the recommended external component values (R=10k, C=3.3uF) are as follows.
Muting on time: 50ms
Muting off time: 20ms

3. Self-Diagnosis Function (Speaker burnout prevention)
During steady state operation, the LA47536 detects, internally, whether or not an abnormal amplifier output offset has occurred, and outputs this signal from pin 25. Applications can prevent speaker burnout and other problems by having the system microcontroller detect this pin 25 output signal and control either the standby state or the power supply. (An abnormal output offset may be caused by, for example, input capacitor leakage current.) The pin 25 signal is turned off by setting pin 1 to the ground potential.

4. Oscillator Stability
In some cases, parasitic oscillations may be induced by the PCB layout. This oscillation can be eliminated by adding the components listed below. Note that the optimal capacitor value must be verified by testing in the actual mounted state in the end product. Connect a capacitor and resistor (0.1uF and 2.2) in series between each output pin and ground.

5. Audio Quality (Low band)
The frequency characteristics in the low frequencies can be improved by making the capacitance of the input capacitors variable. The recommended capacitance is 2.2uF and smaller.

6. Protection Circuits
Do not ground the outputs with the STBY voltage at around 1.4V. Also, do not turn the IC off in the grounded state with a time constant provided for the STBY voltage.

7. Pop Noise
Although the LA47536 includes an pop noise prevention circuit, pop noise can be reduced even further by using the muting function as well. Activate the muting function at the same time as power is applied. Then, after the output DC potential has stabilized, turn off the muting function. When turning the amplifier off, first turn on the muting function and then turn off the power supply. These two methods are effective at minimizing pop noise.

Pre Amplifier PCB

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Power Amplifuer PCB

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circuit By : Youssef Bouterfes

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